Share a Post on Social Media

You can now share a post you created in OuterSpatial to Instagram. Just follow these steps:

  1. Note that to share a post to Instagram, you must have the Instagram app install, the post you want to share must have been created by you, and the post you want to share must have an image attached to it.
  2. Find the post that you'd like to share either in the "Social" tab of the app or in "Me > Posts" or "Me > Check-ins".
  3. Tap on the post to open the post detail screen.
  4. Once in the post detail screen, tap the "More" button in the upper, right-hand corner of the screen.
  5. Tap on "Post to Instagram". The OuterSpatial app will hand the image associated with the post off to the Instagram app.


If you run into trouble sharing your OuterSpatial post to social media, here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot:

  • Validate that you have the Instagram app installed on your phone.
  • Validate that the post you're trying to share to social media was created by you and has an image attached to it.

If you continue to run into trouble, feel free to reach out to our support team:

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