Contribute Tools

The OuterSpatial app includes tools that make it easy for you to contribute information about your outdoor experience back to the larger community. You can access the contribute tools from two different places:

  1. The contribute button on the main tab bar
  2. The floating contribute button that appears in the bottom, right-hand corner of each area, point of interest, trail, and outing screen
Tapping on the contribute button displays the actions that are available within the current context. In most cases, this will include a minimum of "Check-in", "Add a Photo", and "Add a Post". If you're accessing the contribute button from within a location screen and the location is part of a challenge, you may also see other contribute actions.
When contributing something, you can optionally choose to make the post private. Making a contribution private means it does not show up in the OuterSpatial social sections.
Stay tuned, as we're working on more ways to make it possible for you to contribute back to your community!
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