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The OuterSpatial app includes tools that make it easy for you to create posts tied to a particular location (an area, trail, point of interest, or outing) and contribute information about your outdoor experience back to the community. You can access the create tools from two different places:

1. The create button on the main tab bar

2. The floating contribute button that appears in the bottom, right-hand corner of many screens — including in area, point of interest, trail, and outing screens

Tapping on the create button displays the actions that are available within the current context. In most cases, this will include a minimum of "Check-in", "Add a Photo", and "Add a Post". If you're accessing the create button from within a screen that's part of a challenge, you may also see other actions available.


When creating a post, you can choose to make it Public (the default), Private (which means you're the only one who will see it), or Organizations Only (which means it will be shared with the organization stewards – for instance, California State Parks – but no other visitors). You can also edit posts after creating them to change the visibility.
To change the visibility, tap the visibility text underneath your name in the create a post screen:

Location Validation

Some create actions, like "Check-in", may require that you are physically located close to a location when creating the post. If this is required, you will only be able to create a post of that type if you give the app access to your location and you are physically located within close proximity to the location when creating the post.
Posts that are location-validated will soon display with a validation checkmark throughout the app to differentiate them from posts that were created without location validation.


If you are creating a post to complete a challenge task, like checking-in to a park that's part of an active challenge, make sure you select the challenge when creating the post:

In some cases, like "Check-in" posts that are associated with a challenge, the app may allow you to "override" the location validation. This gives you the ability to create a location-validated post even if your phone's GPS does not think you are physically located close to a location. In this case, your post will be flagged to capture that the location of the post was not validated, and it may be reviewed by organization staff to validate that it is a valid challenge task completion.

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