Offline Support

Current State

When you load a community in OuterSpatial iOS or Android, the app downloads an index of information to drive basic functionality even when in no network or bad network situations. This includes the information needed to drive the "Explore" functionality in the app, including the map, list, and search tools. Because of this, if it's your first time opening a community (like California, Ohio, Trails LA County, etc.), you'll need to open the community while on a network connection. Subsequent loads of the community will allow you to open the community even while offline.

If you know you're planning on using the app in an area that has no network connectivity, we recommend panning/zooming the Explore map to that area in the app before you head out on your adventure. Doing so will ensure the detailed map data (roads, trails, points of interest, etc.) is cached on your device so it works while your device is offline.

Future Plans

In the future, we plan on adding support for explicitly selecting one or more location (area, trail, outing, and/or a point of interest) to download for offline usage.

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