Create a Post

Creating a post in OuterSpatial Mobile is a great way to share your outdoor experience with other Visitors and with OuterSpatial's Organization partners. Posts can (optionally) contain text and/or a photo, and they can be attached to any Area, Outing, Point of Interest, or Trail in OuterSpatial.

There are two ways to create a post in OuterSpatial Mobile:
  1. By using the big share button on the main tab bar.
  2. By using the floating share button in the bottom, right-hand corner of an Area, Outing, Point of Interest, or Trail screen.
Once you tap one of these buttons, you'll be prompted to select from two options: "Add a Photo" and "Add a Post". After selecting one of these options, OuterSpatial Mobile will walk you through the process of creating your post.
Once you've successfully created your post, it will be visible in both the Social section on the main tab bar and in the Social tab nested in the feature detail screen. (For example, if you attached the post to an Outing, it will be available in the Social tab on the Outing detail screen.) Other Visitors and OuterSpatial's Organizations will also be able to view your post and like it/comment on it.
You can also access all of the posts you've created in a particular Community in the Me tab.
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