Participating in Challenges

Participating in challenges is a great way to engage directly with the organizations that manage and protect your favorite outdoor places and other OuterSpatial users. Organizations can use challenges to help them answer management questions (like "What's most important to wilderness campers?" or "What kind of damage occurred to this trail in the last storm?), collect feedback, or encourage visitors to check out hidden gems in their park system.

Specific examples of some of the ways organizations are using challenges in OuterSpatial include:

  • An autumn-themed scavenger hunt for kids
  • A circumnavigation challenge for sections of a long distance trail
  • A wilderness camping study with a set of questions for each evening and morning spent in the wilderness
  • Hunter check-in, check-out, and harvest log for hunting units

Current Status

At the time of writing (mid-July 2021), we're in the process of making challenges more widely available in the OuterSpatial app. Currently, this functionality is only fully available in OuterSpatial iOS and partially available in OuterSpatial Android. We expect, however, that challenges will be fully rolled out across all of OuterSpatial by August 2021.

Getting Started

To get started with a challenge, you can either tap on the "Challenges" tab on your community's home screen and select a challenge there or, for invite-only challenges, follow the invite link or QR code to access the challenge screen.

Once you get to the challenge screen, you can view detail about the challenge:

  • Tap on "Read More" to read the full description of the challenge.
  • Tap on the "More" button in the upper, right-hand corner to view the challenge's Terms & Conditions.
  • If the challenge only runs for a defined period of time, you can see the start and end dates.
  • The completion text lets you know how many challenge tasks need to be completed to successfully complete the challenge.
  • Currently, all challenges require that you give the OuterSpatial app access to your location. This is highlighted by the "Location Required" text.

When you're ready to start participating in the challenge, tap on the "Participate" button to view and accept the rules of the challenge and start participating. If you are not already logged in to your OuterSpatial account, you'll be prompted to log in before continuing.

Getting Back to a Challenge

Once you've started participating in a challenge, you can access it in a couple of different ways:

  1. In the "Challenges" tab of the community home screen.
  2. In the "Challenges" section of the main "Me" tab.

A challenge will show up in both of these places even if it's invite-only once you're participating in it.

Completing Challenge Tasks

Each challenge is made up of one or more "tasks". Depending on the challenge, you'll need to complete one or more of the tasks to successfully complete the challenge. Currently, the two supported task types are "Questionnaire" and "Check-in":

  1. To complete a "Questionnaire" challenge task, you must answer one or more question.
  2. To complete a "Check-in" challenge task, you must check-in while located within ~5,000 feet of the location (area, point of interest, trail, or outing) that's attached to the challenge task.

In either case, you can initiate a response to a challenge task by tapping on its associated card in the "To Do" list.

If the challenge task is of type "Questionnaire", after tapping the challenge task card you'll be presented with a questionnaire form. Walk through this form to complete the challenge task.

If the challenge task is of type "Check-in", after tapping the challenge task card you'll be presented with the check-in screen. Check-in to the location, optionally adding a description and a photo, to complete the challenge task.

As you complete challenge tasks, the cards of the task you complete will move from the "To Do" tab to the "Done" tab.

Once you've completed the minimum number of challenge tasks required by a challenge (remember that this varies from challenge to challenge), the button on the challenge screen will change to "Completed" with a green color. Some organizations may follow up with you via email once you've completed a challenge to send you a reward or congratulate/thank you.

Offline Support

Challenges are fully functional even when you're using the OuterSpatial app in low network or no network situations. You can respond to challenge tasks while offline, but, if/when you do so, you must submit your challenge task responses when you get back into network service.

To submit challenge task responses that were saved while offline, come back to the challenge screen, tap on the "More" button in the upper, right-hand corner, and select "Submit Pending Responses". This will submit the challenge task responses that were saved while offline.

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