Logging In

OuterSpatial uses passwordless log in, which means you do not have to set and remember a password. To log in:

  1. Enter your email address
  2. Check your email for a confirmation email
  3. Enter the verification code from the confirmation email to complete your log in

This same process applies to both new and existing OuterSpatial users, so, if you already have an OuterSpatial account, just use the same email address you've been using to log in and all of your favorites, posts, challenge responses, etc. will be there.


The most common problem visitors run into when logging in to OuterSpatial is using a "stale" verification code. When you request a new verification code, any old verification codes are automatically deactivated and will not work.

To resolve the issue, enter your email address to log in again, wait for the new verification code to arrive in your email, then use that code to log in.

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