Migration to Passwordless Log In

Later this month (November 2021), we will migrate our authentication system to use passwordless log in. This will impact all facets of the OuterSpatial product, including Manager, Mobile (iOS and Android), and Web. This means you will no longer have to set and remember a password. You will, rather:

  1. Enter your email address
  2. Check your email for a confirmation email
  3. Enter the verification code from the confirmation email to complete your log in

This same process will apply to both new and existing OuterSpatial users, so, if you already have an OuterSpatial account, just use the same email address you've been using to log in and all of your bookmarks, posts, challenge responses, etc. will be there when you're finished logging in.

When the new system is in place, you will be forced to log in again using this new passwordless flow.

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